Dr. Andreas Schmich Zahnarzt Zahngesundheit ist Lebensqualität
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Dr. Andreas Schmich Zahnarzt Team
Dr. Andreas Schmich Zahnarzt Team

Healthy teeth =
quality of life

And no compromise!

We work for those interested only in optimal solutions.

Both in life and in dentistry.

Dr. Andreas Schmich – Our ConceptDr. Andreas Schmich – Our Concept

Our Passion

We provide superb dental services, use extraordinary materials, and guarantee the absolute accuracy. The tranquil ambience and privacy in our clinic are contributing to a relaxed atmosphere. The respectful attitude and absolute focus on every patient are in the DNA of our staff.

Our Approach

We propose every patient an individual, personalized treatment that combines a practically perfect functional restoration and an impeccable aesthetic result. We are well aware of the special needs of athletes: we team up with experienced professionals to treat the most complicated cases; and last but not least, we are very keen on regular preventive care to ensure the health of your teeth and high-quality lifetime.

Our core
competences –

the know-how and
work for your benefit

Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetics is what largely defines the quality of life. An ideal orthognathic (functional) occlusion has always been our biggest priority, but the nice teeth and a healthy gum are very important for a self-esteem and perception by others. We are stiving to achieve a balanced result, since a harmonious appearance adds confidence and helps to pave the way to success.

– Petra Winter about dr. Andreas Schmich –

Functional Restoration

Healthy gums and teeth, a perfect occlusion and an even distribution of mastication load – It should all be coherent in the oral cavity for a resilient stomatognathic system. In case of a systemic disbalance, we find the root cause and restore it to ensure 100 % healthy teeth and high quality of life.

– Jan Dreesen’s feedback –

Complex Cases

Some cases require aligned efforts of a team. To ensure the best treatment possible, we coordinate all the efforts of our medical team, and, for all issues, we remain the main point of contact for our patient. As a result, we ensure a facilitated therapy and the best quality of life even after a long-term treatment.

– Edyth’s story –

Professional Sport

It has been scientifically proven that the inflammatory processes have a negative impact on the muscles and their resilience. The dental health, therefore and a regular prevention of dental diseases are extremely important for professional athletes, their success and performance. The athletes with a 100% healthy oral cavity perform to their best, are less prone to traumas and have a faster rehabilitation pace.

– Thomas about Dr. Andreas Schmich –