Patient reviews

Patient reviews –

Do you also prefer personal recommendations over the Internet, as you’re looking for a doctor? And yet you know no one, who’s been treated in our clinic?

We asked four patients with different stories and baseline conditions to tell us about their therapeutic experience in our center. These are their real stories, live and un-rehearsed! Make sure you watch those four short videos.

Patient reviews


Thomas Müller, 32 years
Thomas Müller, 32 years

With professional athletes like Thomas Müller, it's all about outstanding performance in the shortest possible time - and in dentistry, just like in football. Just a few months before the 2014 World Cup, Thomas Müller came to Dr Schmich because of an acute dental problem. The challenge? A treatment for professionals that guarantees freedom from pain and safety during sport and is flexible in terms of timing according to the match schedule. Thomas Müller himself reports on the result...

Patient reviews

Aesthetic dentistry
Beauty in all its shine

Petra Winter, 43 Jahre
Petra Winter, 43 years

The perfect functioning of the dental and masticatory system is of paramount importance to us.  Thus, in case of a strong gnashing, the golden inlays are much better than the porcelain material that replicates the colour of the tooth.  Yet, we have numerous examples of great combinations of function and cosmetic. Petra has kindly trusted us and followed our recommendations. And now she's telling us about her experience with us...

Patient reviews

Functional solution
A superb investment

Jan Dreesen, 51 Jahre
Jan Dreesen, 51 years

It often happens that a particular toothache is but the tip of the iceberg. Out biggest challenge at this point was to convince a busy manager that time is an important investment in the dental health and high quality of life. And now we asked him for a feedback on his experience, the wholistic treatment and lessons learned…

Patient reviews

Complex cases
patience for the sake of a great result

Edith Lindt, 72 Jahre
Edith Lindt, 72 years

Edyth had to go to Dr. Andreas Schmich, as she came across complications and indefinite pain.  The diagnosis has shown that she requires a treatment that deploys almost all possibilities of modern dentistry. After a subsequent wholistic treatment, the patient has forgotten about her toothache. Let’s hear her thoughts about the process of treatment...